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personalized books

First available title is GRANDMA"S HOUSE. It's become a favorite. Next up is Little Miss Maisy, and then The Star Faeries Light. For the images look in the gallery.


Grandma's house is a wonderful place for faeries to visit. She has everything they could ever desire! In fact, it is a faerie trap! Grandma isn't as sweet as you think, and the poor faeries must be very careful! You may have this story personalized with as little as one image, or fill the book with friends and family. Recommended cast is no more than 7, and the easiest way is to pick a character and replace the template images with your own. There is a fabulous 32 page layout, and an abridged version which is a little easier on the  pocket.

Little Miss Maisy is a sweetie. she has the gift to see faeries. they love her. they allow her yto watch them at play, and exchange gifts. but she must NOT touch. Maisy decides she wants a pet fairy, ans so tries to catch one. oh dear! what happens next?

The Star Faeries light is an actual play you can act out. Works great for end of year kinder shows. The star Faerie is in trouble. 3 smelly trolls are after her to turn out her lovely sparkly light. But they don't succeed.

When sending in your photo's, the images must be high resolution and good quality. The angle that you take the photo is also very important. You must shoot strait across at your model... not looking down on or up at.  Outside in the shade is the best spot, and please make sure your child is dressed accordingly.

You may have photos taken at the 'Garden Babies' studio, where you may have portraits taken. Details will be released at a later date.


The books come in soft cover, hard cover and the delightful padded box set version.