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Welcome to Faerie Crystall's Garden Babies Web Page

I have always had a love of Faerie's, faerytales, magick and a fascination with the other worlds.

I have vivid memories of talking to my fairy friends as a child, and was always writting stories for myself and friends. After 'growing up' and owning/operating a child care centre with my mum, I moved to Melbourne where I began entertaining as The magickal Faerie Crystall, performing magic in Kindergartens, Childcare Centres, Libraries, Birthday parties and Corporate events. I loved this full time job! For 16 years I traveled about leaving a trail of fairy dust and giggles in my wake. 

I have also always had a love of photography. I began to combine my photo's to make fairy art. After then being moved across the oceans to Europe, I continued making these images by internet, using peoples own images and incorporating them into my backdrops. www.facebook.com/gardenbabies was born!

Then one day ( I am an airy fairy) it suddenly occurred to me, why not add my pictures to my stories!!! So now, I am able to offer not only a magical faerie parties, photography and fairy art, but also beautiful keep sake personalized books staring your fairy! I will also be running workshops on how to create these gorgeous fairy images at a later date.

As a writer of stories, I am also very pleased to announce that my first Young Adult/Adult Novel, The Hidden Fey has also been accepted by a wonderful Australian Agent Kelly McLean. I now have another YA novel and a series of chapter books called ThE hOLLoW.  I also have a number of picture stories in the works, and have been busy Illustrating for some wonderful writers such as Vicki Griffin and Judi Stroud.

I will update all information on the blog page of this site!

On the personal front, I am a married, mummy of one. My husband is a Rockabilly singer/software architect, and our 4 year old son seems to be following in his fathers rockin footsteps! You will see my son in many of my designs. 

With hugs, wishes and Fairy kisses

Kelly McDonald